Coyote Creek Golf Club

The Coyote Creek Golf Club is an ideal place to host your next event. As you and your loved ones celebrate in this stunning Coyote Creek Golf Club, the rolling hills provide a memorable setting. The lake views are captivating while mountain landscapes add an element of warmth that will make any event feel welcoming! The perfect place to enjoy your wedding day is this golf club. Whether you’re looking for an intimate ceremony or just want a beautiful view, they have everything that will make it unforgettable!

The Coyote Creek Golf Club has ample space for large events that are perfect if you’re looking to bring the whole family. Whether you want an intimate or upscale setting, they have the perfect one for your event. The golf club offers an inviting clubhouse with dramatic fireplaces and comfortable furnishings. They also have a charming dining room and bar area for socializing on warm days. Furthermore, their professional staff will go above and beyond to help you make your big day an unforgettable celebration.

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