Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in North Carolina is a beautiful and unique setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. The venue sets the tone for the entire event, and it should be a place that is both beautiful and memorable. The gardens feature 11 distinct garden areas, each with its own particular charm. The tranquil setting is perfect for exchanging vows, and the reception area offers stunning views of the gardens for guests to enjoy.

In addition, the gardens offer an on-site Floral Studio where couples can work with a team of professional florists to create the perfect floral arrangements for their big day. From start to finish, they will attend to every detail, from choosing the perfect ceremony site to coordinating the flowers and music. And when the sun goes down, the Garden’s twinkling lights will create a magical setting for your reception. With its picturesque setting and professional services, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding.

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