Davenport Cliffs

Davenport Cliffs on the Northern California coast is the perfect location to capture your engagement photos. From multicolored steep cliffs to a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean, natural beauty abounds here. Whether you’re looking for a stunning beach vista or a rugged shoreline, there is something for everyone at Davenport Cliffs. Paved trails and access roads make it easy and safe to book your photo session with any level of photographer.

What’s more, the temperature remains cool year-round, so you never have to worry about uncomfortable conditions when taking your memorable photos! Any couple would be lucky to have such an idyllic spot be the stage for their special engagement photographs; it truly is truly an unrivaled location. With its dramatic coastline, cool summer breeze, and endless photographic possibilities, Davenport Cliffs are truly one of California’s best destinations for unforgettable engagement photos. 

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