De Luxe Banquet Hall

An award-winning wedding venue, De Luxe Banquet Hall is the perfect choice for your special day! With an outstanding service and customizable space, this venue will truly leave you astonished! In particular, small intimate gatherings and large celebrations with hundreds in attendance can all be accommodated!

Further, the majestic grandeur of the De Luxe Ballroom; the sophistication of Olivia Restaurant – all of that can make your big day a matchless affair. You’re in for a real treat! De Luxe Banquet Hall offers beautiful spaces to fit any occasion. If you are looking for an unforgettable event where the food, drinks and company will be top notch, then look no further than their stunning hall-of fame venues! In fact, De Luxe’s lavish amenities and stellar service make it a perfect place for any occasion.

Let the experts plan your next party! They specialize in providing an excellent experience for all of their clients and guests. Also, their expert team will make sure that you’ll be impressed with every aspect from booking to decorating. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another venue that can compare to this one. From the moment you walk in, De Luxe makes sure that your experience will be nothing short of extraordinary!

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