Dream Lake

The hike to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park from the Bear Lake Trailhead is a long and arduous journey. However, the miles going there will lead you through lush forests. Additionally, you’ll see pristine mountain vistas before arriving at your destination! Also, the best time to hike at this park is when it’s least crowded. The free shuttle will take you right up the mountain and there are plenty of picnic areas for your enjoyment!

On one hand, if you’re the adventurous type, then Dream Lake will be a majestic option for your engagement session! Just imagine the beauty of the pristine waters and its surrounding landscapes – you’ll be both more in love after your visit here! Meanwhile, the south end of Nymph Lake is a pleasant spot ringed by pond lilies. It also offers an excellent view into Hallett Peak. At just over half-mile from the trailhead, you’ll find yourself in this idyllic setting where the water reflects the hillsides.

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