Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club

Couples looking for a venue that is as classy and elegant as they are can find it at Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club in Farmingdale, New Jersey. The unique wedding location has lush grounds coupled with an exquisitely designed golf course to make any occasion feel special. With facilities like the clubhouse surrounded by all of its natural beauty, you don’t have to worry about having enough space or accessibilities when planning your event here!

Moreover, the grandiose ballroom can occupy hundreds of guests, with its glistening chandeliers and vast dancefloor. Further, whether you are seeking to host an intimate ceremony or a grand ball, the Rose Garden has just what party planners need. It is perfect for both ceremony and cocktail receptions with stunning sunsets. Also, for those looking for more private events such rehearsal dinner parties or smaller weddings of 50 guests, there are onsite venues that offer unique options. That includes the wine cellars, get-ready rooms and suites that can accommodate overnight stays, while the day of preparations take place!

To create the perfect ceremony, this elegant venue has an experienced team of event planning professionals. In a personalized setting, they can plan and provide services to make sure that your wedding day is exactly what you want it to be. From their setup, cleanup, rentals, plans and more. Also, doormen will greet guests outside, while the valet parking attendants take care of all transportation needs. So no one needs to worry about anything but celebrating on their big day!

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