Earthjoy Treehouse Village

Marry your soulmate in a unique and whimsical Pete Nelson tree house. In fact, this place is unlike any other wedding venue you’ve seen before. In addition, this venue is a true labor of love! These cabins were designed with authenticity, so they can’t possibly look like anyone else’s! If you’re looking for a space to host your upcoming event, look no further than the impressive surroundings of this venue. With a seating capacity that can accommodate 150 people, there’s more than enough room for your big day here.

This venue is an unforgettable experience for couples who want their wedding day to be one-of-a kind. The tree houses allow you and your guests a scenic view. All while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of this unique location, with sunset views included! The outdoor kitchen and bar, complete with a log cabin can be found on the property as well. This is one of those accommodations that will make you feel like your in another world!

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