Evergreen Farms

Come autumn 2023, Evergreen Farms opens its doors to couples seeking an idyllic wedding setting nestled within Dayville’s serene landscapes. Spanning over five picturesque acres, this venue is where vintage elegance intertwines seamlessly with rustic allure. Whether it’s the scent of the pine grove or the antique charm of the wooden bridge, each corner promises a unique chapter in your love story.

Venue Features & Accommodations

Outdoor Elegance: Our vast open greens, embraced by towering trees, craft the ideal alcove for sacred vow exchanges.

Barn Brilliance: The Loft: Previously christened as ‘the Coop’, our architectural gem dates back to the 1950s. Its revamped avatar now provides both alfresco and indoor settings tailored for matrimonial festivities. On the ground floor, discover artisanal dining spaces adorned with custom-crafted tables, an intimate dressing chamber, rest facilities, a dedicated bar corner, and a culinary setup zone. Ascend to the upper level to find a balcony that overlooks nature’s bounty, coupled with two exquisite suites, a chic lounge, and an added restroom. The crown jewel? A private terrace attached to the bridal suite, allowing couples a moment under the vast starlit expanse.

The Loft’s design retains its rustic core—highlighted by exposed timber beams and contemporary metal accents, bathed in soft earthy palettes. The blend of industrial nuances within an inviting aura ensures an unparalleled experience. Moreover, our premises provide generous parking provisions for guests.

Tailored Services for a Flawless Day

Our commitment at Whispering Pines is ensuring your vision becomes reality. Our devoted crew is available throughout your event, offering guidance and solutions. Simplify your culinary decisions with our curated list of top-notch local caterers. Ready to embrace the Whispering Pines experience? Engage with us for an immersive tour of our pastoral paradise.”

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