Flagstaff Mountain

Flagstaff Mountain is one of the most popular mountains for camping in Colorado. It lies just north of Green Mountain, along with several other beautiful hiking trails and viewpoints that you can enjoy! It is also an ideal location to take engagement photos! Flagstaff Mountain is not just a scenic mountain pass, it’s also close to some of America’s most popular destinations, including the Pearl Street Mall.

This spot is a great mountain for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, runners, and bikers can find their perfect activity here! Flagstaff Mountain offers a less steep, more relaxing alternative to Mount Sanitas. With an elevation gain that is comparable with the other route, it’s perfect for those looking not only for some great views but also for privacy as well! From Flagstaff, the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Long’s Peak are visible. Artist’s Point offers a view of Boulder that is not to be missed while enjoying your engagement shoot on this beautiful overlook!



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