Founders Hall

The Founders Hall is the perfect place to host your classy and elegant wedding! The space can accommodate more than hundreds of guests. As soon as you step into this historically vast space, it will feel like an old world salon with high ceilings and delicate chandeliers! Also, that includes everything from acoustic panels that echo off of its beautiful hardwood floors. As well as an excellent service throughout dinner time.

In the moments when you are surrounded by your loved ones, nothing can deter from this oasis. Your space will be filled with beauty and romance as it radiates devotion for years to come! You’ve never seen anything like this too! A white aisle, lined with stunning flowers and paper lanterns to emit a dim golden light towards the altar. Where you will say “I do’s” under an elegant glass-framed backdrop. This is truly one of life’s most dreamy moments for any couple who has been waiting patiently, until they can share their love in such romantic surroundings.

You’ll be able to show off your personality and enjoy intimate moments with guests, while celebrating in this gorgeous space. After the ceremony, you can have a cocktail hour before moving on downstairs for dancing! There are many things to do in the beautiful atrium setting. You can have a night of drinking and memory-making, while being surrounded by granite fountain with live trees. Which also provide views for uptown Charlotte’s skyline!

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