Franciscan Gardens

The Franciscan Gardens is an outdoor garden courtyard where guests can dine and dance. While being surrounded by the charm of Southern California. Also, you can find Spanish themed decorations here. As it complements the beautiful gardens and creates a vintage chic ambiance so perfect for weddings or events with friends and family in San Juan Capistrano.

Moreover, this secluded garden is an irresistible place for a wedding! With lush green hedges and light posts surrounding the center of the space. Also, the fountain centerpiece at its heart provides not only a stunning focal point, but also excellent photo opportunities to commemorate your special day. The bright and airy 5,000 square foot space is full of charm with its outdoor court yard, as well as expansive indoor area featuring historic brick walls. There are two suites to choose from, including 24 Carrots’ signature service for guests.

Further, when you want to make your wedding or other event stand out, Franciscan Gardens is the place for that! The backdrop of green fields and rolling hills will create an outstanding environment. Where guests can feel like they’re walking through a cherish-worthy memory instead of just another social gathering. The serene setting of Franciscan Gardens provides a private and unique backdrop for events. Whether it’s an intimate wedding or social gathering, the lush landscape is perfect!

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