Glencoe Lochan

The Glencoe lochan is a small river that runs through the heart of Glencoe. It was originally created as grounds for what would have been one hotel. But over time it has become home to Ireland’s Forestry Commission instead! Residents of the area have long enjoyed using this loch as a scenic backdrop for elopements and other ceremonies.

Moreover, this picturesque loch is the perfect place to host a ceremony. Its serene lochan is surrounded by the shady forest, with lofty mountains forming a breathtaking backdrop that’s perfectly reflected in its clear waters. Hikes in Glencoe Lochan will provide you with a variety of options to suit your needs. You can choose from an easy walk or take on more challenging terrain if desired!

Also, its well-maintained car park 150 meters away ensures that it will be accessible for all types of events. No matter how large or small the space needed is!


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