Grays Court

The history of Grays Court provides the opportunity to stay, dine and relax. All within the vicinity of a building that has seen knighthoods bestowed. The diverse architecture is not only beautiful per se. But it also offers visitors with an amazing view over York’s city walls as well! They hope you have a great time during your visit with them. Whether it’s staying in one of their luxurious hotels or dining at The Bow Room Restaurant, they would love for you to experience all that they have to offer! Not to mention, you can tie the knot here too. Just simply choose from the various spaces that they provide for every couple!

The rooms at Grays Court have been lovingly restored to provide a mix of old and new character, making it perfect for those who want their stay filled with history. Also, the rooms are a haven for travelers looking to relax in luxury. It features elegant, modern décor and all the comforts you could hope for. The lavish and decadent atmosphere of Grays Court is perfect for those seeking a retreat from the mundanities of life.  From the most romantic getaway to just a wonderful family weekend, they have something perfect for every occasion.

Explore the best British food on their menu in this cozy restaurant as well. With seasonal ingredients sourced from top quality suppliers, you are sure to experience a culinary journey for your senses! At the heart of their innovative and unique brand is a team who are committed to using only high quality ingredients from suppliers in Britain, with an emphasis on locally grown produce.

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