Greensboro-High Point Marriott Airport Hotel

The Greensboro-High Point Marriott Airport Hotel will make sure you have a special day on your wedding. In addition, they have elegant spaces, custom catering and personalized service to match your needs. The experienced staff at this hotel will make you feel like royalty as they cater to all of your requests. With over 17 acres and a beautiful landscape, there’s plenty for everyone!

Imagine your wedding ceremony conducted in a garden filled with lush greenery and breathtaking views. The Saura Gardens offers an ideal setting for this, as it provides stunning backdrops to take wedding photographs. Moreover, the garden is the perfect place to hold your ceremony and reception. The large Southern pergola can accommodate up to hundreds of people, while an outdoor tent area offers plenty of space for dancing before dinner. On the contrary, the ballroom is a majestic space with rich carpets and crystal chandeliers. It’s another perfect venue to celebrate your wedding day as well.

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