Griffith Park

The natural beauty of Griffith Park is one that will take your breath away. Over 4,210 acres make this a popular location for both outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to be lost in nature without exploring too much on their own. There are so many options when it comes to activities here. That includes picnic spots, paths for hiking or running through the wilderness, and more!

The Park has a rich, diverse plant life that varies based on location. Some habitats include coastal sage scrub and oak woodlands. As well as riparian vegetation with trees. In addition, Berberis is featured prominently throughout Griffith Park. Native species of California are present in small quantities too, including the threatened manzanita. On the contrary, the Griffith Observatory and hike to see the Hollywood Sign is a popular destination too. But it’s often difficult navigating traffic on weekends and holidays. So, the management suggests on using public transit in order to make your trip much easier.

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