Harborside Grand Ballroom

A majestic Victorian structure, the Balboa Pavilion overlooks the Newport Harbor. Since it was built in 1905 at the foot of Main Street, it has always been an instantly recognizable landmark. Especially due to its steeply sloped roof. It stands out among other buildings with flatter roofs that line in Newport’s streets. Also, the Harborside Grand Ballroom on the second floor of this historic building offers views over Newport Bay. Also, it is a sought out wedding destination! Uniquely, it was designed as America’s answer for extravagant dance halls found in early 20th-century Europe. Further, it measures 140 feet wide and sprawling across a vast dance floor!

The staff at this ballroom can offer you and your partner an intimate affair with their fully-staffed bar. They’ll make custom dishes to match any type of cuisine, from American food like steaks to Indian curry favorites as well – among other things! The professional chefs here would be happy to help plan out what your wedding might look like by creating menus that are just right for you and your guests.

Moreover, the grand ballroom has floor-to-ceiling windows that illuminate the ocean view. Just outside of it is a glass-secured terrace. Definitely perfect for taking a breather!  Additionally, its posh staircase makes it an extra glorious venue suitable for a picture perfect moment. To summarize, this venue is definitely one for the books! Not only that it’s rich in history as well. But because of its service served excellently on a silver platter!

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