Imperial Sand Dunes

The Imperial Sand Dunes are the largest mass of sand dunes in California. As it extends for more than 40 miles and averaging 5 miles wide. Formed by windblown desert sands from ancient Lake Cahuilla during a time when there was no other water source available. It’s not surprising that these stunning formations also happen to be one-of-a kind!

You’ll find it hard to find a more perfect spot for recreation than these huge dunes. Off-highway vehicle enthusiasts will find the dunes to be a favorite place for solitude, with opportunities that are just as enjoyable! They offer scenery and rare plants which can’t easily flourish elsewhere. Also, the height often reaches up 300 feet above the desert floor. Giving outstanding opportunities that are only equaled by their proximity as well. Notably, you’re just minutes away from any one of many great destinations!

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