Kenosha Pass

The Kenosha Pass is the perfect place to view aspen trees change color near Denver. There is both an East and West Trail option with gradual ascents providing stunning views for all hiking enthusiasts! Also, the initial elevation gain on the trails makes for an easy to moderately strenuous hike. It all depends on how far one decides to travel as well. Additionally, if you’re one that loves the outdoors and the vast landscape, then Kenosha Pass might be a great option for that engagement session!

If you’re looking for a scenic spot with great views, then this hike will be perfect! The elevation of 10,000 feet at Kenosha Pass makes it a perfect spot for challenging but rewarding hiking. With lush green forests and picturesque views, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time spent on top. In fact, the pass is a popular spot for people who like to hike and mountain bike along the Colorado Trail. It has also been featured in literature as an important scenic location.

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