Lavender Valley

Lavender Valley Farms is a serene and peaceful place of beauty! This is the location where you can fully enjoy nature’s breathtaking array of natural scenery. Along with lush green fields and deep blue skies, lavenders grow abundantly on the property. Perhaps you’ll even be more blown away by the view that comes with it!

Further, the lavender fields stretch in all directions, perfuming the air with their heady aroma. A walk through these lavenders will make you feel like royalty, as your senses will be enthralled by varying shades of purple that range from lightest to the darkest. In fact, they encourage you to take some time for yourself or to simply cherish your day here with your partner. You can even visit their gift shops for various souvenirs available. On one hand, for the perfect day of photography, there’s a $50 pass available at their farm store that’ll get you 2 hours access during daylight. The only requirement is patience as you enjoy your time in the fields.

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