Living Sculpture Sanctuary

Nestled in Davie, FL, Living Sculpture Sanctuary is a botanical paradise and enchanting wedding venue. Designed and built to evoke a sense of serenity through the healing powers of nature, this property, owned and operated by Mary Luz Rodriguez Alvarez and Robert J. McKee, welcomes all kinds of celebrations. With its magical ambiance, it serves as the perfect backdrop for intimate ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions on your special day.

Situated on an ancient site, the venue emanates a tranquil atmosphere, enhanced by its abundant organic elements. From century-old oak trees to cascading waterfalls, a bonsai display wall, and Zen moon gates, the lush plant life creates a harmonious environment. These natural features inspire a deeper connection between body, mind, and spirit, fostering a sense of oneness with the surrounding world. Living Sculpture Sanctuary offers both outdoor and covered outdoor event spaces, allowing you to fully utilize the property for your wedding-related activities.

For an intimate and private ceremony experience, the Healing Falls Esplanade is the perfect choice. Here, you can exchange your vows in front of up to 100 cherished guests. As you pass through an arched entrance in a stone wall, you’ll be immersed in an enchanting grotto that provides a truly unique backdrop for your special moment. The Sanctuary Center, a rustic yet modern event space located at the heart of the property, is ideal for receptions. Featuring a charming wooden deck with a floating lounger swing, overlooking a peaceful koi pond, and a private outdoor area, this space can comfortably accommodate up to 120 people, ensuring an unforgettable celebration.

Living Sculpture Sanctuary offers a range of services alongside the venue rental to enhance your overall experience. Event items such as bistro and LED lighting are included to create a vibrant and lively evening atmosphere for your wedding. Additionally, the venue’s staff provides cleanup services after your function, ensuring a seamless and stress-free event. To facilitate a high-quality and streamlined experience, a comprehensive list of preferred vendors is provided in advance. This list includes a variety of catering companies, event planners, florists, and more, offering convenience and peace of mind.

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