Mariners Church

The Mariners Church in Irvine is your next wedding destination! In fact, it’s a non-denominational Evangelical Christian house of God. Situated on more than 50 acres of vast grounds. Also, it features various amenities like playing fields, sprawling lakes, and plenty of greenery. Making it not only the perfect location to exchange vows, but also to capture some beautiful couple portraits! You’ll definitely get all your formal shots done after the ceremony at this stunning venue.

Furthermore, Mariners Church has a space that’s just right for you! Whether it be your dream wedding or an intimate family affair. They offer the perfect mix of religious significance and personalization. Also, you can bring your own flowers to adorn the venue any way you’d like. While still respecting how Mariners views religion. As a matter of fact, they even have coordinators on hand to help guide the event!

There are also many pastors available who will officiate weddings if desired. So no need for fretting over which one is best suited too. Not to mention, they also offer reception spaces. There are banquet halls, solely catered by the on-site Mariners Cafe. As they craft menus that will surely leave you and your guests wanting for more!

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