Meeks Bay Resort

Meeks Bay Resort is the most stunning Lake Tahoe wedding venue, but it has a secret. Within its borders lies the incredible Kehlet Mansion! Comfortably accommodating lots of guests, it also offers direct access to the nearby private beach for your entire weekend stay! Just simply grasp the exclusivity of the place – and of course, that breathtaking view! Imagine exchanging vows as the panoramic sight of the waterfront becomes your natural and crystal clear background. Far stretching within this momentous landscape is the picturesque presence of enchanting mountains. Truly, you and your guests will be captivated by such scenery.

In fact, Meeks Bay Resort is the perfect place for a do-it-yourself wedding. With your own personal coordinator, you can turn this resort into any theme and style for your special affair. As you transform the natural setting into something memorable that will make it special to just you two! On one hand, the mansion has an impressive dining and family room (with gas fireplace), 7 bedrooms (5 doubles, 2 queens, and 1 single; capacity 12) that are furnished with bathroom amenities, and linens. It also features a scenic observation deck and BBQ area for your enjoyment! Also, built in 1934, the kitchen of this mansion is perfect for a cook-out suitable for reunions or special occasions. The appliances include a stainless steel French door refrigerator, electric range, and microwave. Talk about feeling homey!

Indeed, the Kehlet Mansion at Meeks Bay Resort is a great location for weddings, no matter the weather. Sunny or rainy, you don’t have to worry! The property has plenty of space for a large event tent to move any ceremony or reception until cover. Plus, Lake Tahoe wedding pictures in the rain are quite rare and unique enough in its own way.

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