Metropol Banquet Hall

For the ultimate Glendale banquet halls, look no further than Metropol! Their beautiful ballrooms will provide you with all of the luxury and modern design your event needs for a memorable celebration. From weddings to anniversaries or birthdays! Also, when it comes to banquets, Metropol has been considered by many as nothing short from perfection. They host important celebrations excellently! With four award-winning ballroom styles available too. This venue is definitely a high-grade destination!

In addition, each space features a wide dance floor, and star-quality lighting. As well as classic illuminating chandeliers. The Modern Ballroom can host gatherings with hundreds of guests. All with full splendor of a ceiling inspired by the twinkling night sky. Meanwhile, the Millenium Ballroom executes both a romantic and contemporary atmosphere. With its marble floors and lovely mirrors along its walls. There’s also the Grand and Crystal Ballrooms that are inspired by European architecture.

Moreover, the team at Metropol Banquet strives to provide you with the best service possible. With their elegant tableware and lighting services, they can make anyone feel like a star on their big day! The team also provides a list of trusted vendors to assist you in bringing your vision in real life. The culinary team is on hand with their knowledge and skill, making dishes from around the world available for those who want them!

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