Miners Foundry Cultural Center

The Miners Foundry Cultural Center is a living historic treasure! It serves as a cultural arts and community events center for Nevada County. This large building features various exhibits and events throughout the year. Serving as a way to highlight its rich history as a vintage factory during California’s Gold Rush Era. Now, what better place to tie the knot than a historically golden one!

Additionally, the Miners Foundry is not only an important part of California’s heritage. But it also serves as an educational and social bridge between the rich past and present time. For more than a hundred years, Miners Foundry has been a staple in the community of Nevada County. Throughout its history, it was known first as an ironworks shop and then transitioned to becoming a cultural center that is still thriving today. Candidly, visitors are welcome to tour the venue where artifacts and photographs tell the story of its place in California history.

In detail, the space is made up of the Stone Hall, originally a machine shop and was built using native stone and heavy exposed beams; Osborn or Woods Hall, offers a wooden dance floor, permanent stage, theatrical lighting and world class sound system; Upper Gallery, features a big chandelier and dainty archways; Foyer, houses antique machines, interpretive displays, and artifacts; lastly, the Conference Room. Meanwhile, the outdoor spaces include a patio and gardens, along with several walkways that connect some parts of the area together.

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