Mountain Shadows Retreat

Nestled in the gateway to beautiful California’s lush Sierra Nevada Mountains, you’ll see the Mountain Shadows Retreat. It is a home to some of the country’s most scenic state and federal recreational areas. The best part is that there are so many different things to do around here. You can go on a breathtaking hike or take the family down some exciting rapids in white water rafting trips. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can check out their wineries and try tasting what they have to offer!

The Mountain Shadows Retreat is truly one of a kind. From its luxurious interior to the picturesque views! Every aspect will make your getaway unforgettable and picture-perfect. Also, if you are one of those who seek the secluded beauty of nature amidst stunning mountain views – this is the right place for you. Perhaps perfect is not enough, because this place is hands down unique! Get ready to say your vows with vast views of lush greenery as your backdrop. This is indeed the ideal place for your once-in-a lifetime celebration. Your guests will enjoy the 3 acre private residence, which offers a picturesque view of nature’s beautiful scenery and wildlife. In fact, they are perfect for any guest that wants to make their occasion special in an unrushed atmosphere with flexibility of schedules or customizing options. All without interference by anyone else on site!

On the contrary, guests are responsible for providing food and rentals. But, here’s the thing, they have a long list of industry professionals to refer you to, as they will help make the most out of your celebration. Also, as exclusive the venue may, one year advanced booking is highly recommended.

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