Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery

Welcome to a place where you can taste the best wines in all of California! At Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery, they’ve summed up their mission in four words: “World domination through vinification.” They’ve got a little bit of everything here with over twelve hundred vines! The vineyard covers about thirty percent of the property and produces up to five tons of high-quality wines per year.

In fact, they have been crafting award-winning wines since 2001. They also regularly host intimate wedding ceremonies. Perhaps let them provide the foundation for your next event! Their expert wine staff and unique environment will ensure that your experience meets or exceeds your expectations! It’s worth noting that they are a privately owned estate and their grounds are not open to the general public. Although, if you have an event coming up or want someplace for your next party, then they’d love to talk with you and see if they’re a good fit!

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