NorthStone Country Club

You must feel a sense of wonder as you think about the plans for your upcoming wedding. You’re going to have such an amazing time! In that case, Northstone Country Club is a spectacular choice for a wedding venue. Their team of experts have helped hundreds of people plan their perfect day and they will work hard to make sure yours turns out just how you envisioned it!

This is a club with an elegant ballroom that can seat up to hundreds of people. You’ll be able enjoy the dance floor or outside seating too. So you don’t miss any choice for your special day. Also, the newly-added wedding garden is another perfect place to host your special day. Showcasing its picturesque views and romantic ambiance. It can accommodate up to 200 seated guests for a majestic garden ceremony. Additionally, the professional Food and Beverage Department ensures that every detail is attended to. From every décor in you chosen space, down to a customized menu for you and your guests.

NorthStone knows how to make a great impression on every client, no matter what size their group may be. They are committed to providing delicious food and excellent service for all. Whether you are looking for a large or small group, they have the perfect crafted menu that will please everyone in your party! Further, the NorthStone staff would love to share their modern amenities with you and your future spouse. As you celebrate the start of something new in this exquisite wedding venue.

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