Old Lyme Beach Club

Since its establishment in 1939, the Old Lyme Beach Club (OLBC) has cultivated a culture and set of values that have shaped its unique experience. With each passing generation, members have made deliberate choices that have contributed to the club’s rich heritage. Continuity lies at the heart of the OLBC, as parents and grandparents have passed down traditions like crab catching, creating enduring connections between children and their loved ones. This shared pursuit, using the same time-honored methods for over 50 years, evokes a sense of thrill and profound bonding. The club embraces the importance of bridging the past, present, and future.

At the OLBC, frugality is a cherished value. Wasting resources is something we find difficult to bear. Instead, we find creative ways to repurpose ingredients from a delicious Thursday night dinner into a delectable Friday afternoon Snack Bar special. This resourcefulness not only ensures culinary delight but also embodies practicality. Throughout the decades, club members who have graciously dedicated their time to guiding the club’s governance all share a strong aversion to unnecessary spending.

While extravagance is discouraged, the OLBC understands the value of investing in quality. Our dinners may not be the most inexpensive option, but they are renowned for their exceptional food and meticulous preparation. We prioritize the highest standards of service among our staff, recognizing their importance in providing a top-notch experience for our members. Additionally, the quality of our environment, encompassing the sun, sand, and water, is of utmost importance to every member who appreciates the natural beauty surrounding us. We distinguish between waste and extravagance on one hand, and the pursuit of lasting quality on the other.

At the Old Lyme Beach Club, the accumulation of choices, guided by values such as continuity, frugality, and quality, has shaped a truly unique and cherished experience for our members.

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