Old Sacramento State Historic Park

You know you’re in Old Sacramento when the red brick and cobblestone streets come into view. Along with Victorian-era buildings on both sides. The National Park Service named this area a Historic Landmark back in 1965! The western terminus of the Pony Express, first transcontinental railroad and then later on the telegraph line are all contributing factors to Sacramento’s historical significance.

Now, if you want a historically vintage themed engagement photo, this is the right place for you! Get ready to savor the richness of its past and the glorifying scenic beauty that this place has to offer. In addition, over 50 historic buildings line the 296 acres of Sacramento’s Old Town. This makes it an area with more historical value than any other place in the West! Old Sacramento State Historic Park is located in downtown Sacramento, making it easy to reach by all freeways. For your convenience, if you’re coming from any direction, take I-5 towards J Street exit and follow the signposts into the park.

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