Purgatory Resort

Imagine your wedding day in a serene, rustic setting with breathtaking views. Choose from their many available options to make it happen! Also, one thing is certain – no matter what time of year you decide on, Purgatory Resort will be there to assist you. Purgatory Resort weddings are a must for anyone who wants to make their wedding day unforgettable. With views that can’t be beat, and spectacular weather any time of year too. There’s no wrong way to go about it!

In addition, imagine your wedding day, surrounded by breathtaking views and picturesque settings. Their Wedding Experts will help you create an event that will last forever with stunning ceremony views. There are also multiple reception venues to choose from, including luxurious suites or tents – whatever suits both of your styles best!

Why go to Purgatory Resort for your wedding? You’ll find everything nearby in Durango, including bakeries and professional photography. The resort gives you the perfect backdrop with amazing views as well. Where else can you find an endless supply of sunshine, 300 days per year? that’s only here at Purgatory Resort.

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