Redondo Beach Historic Library

History has never been more alive in the Redondo Beach Historic Library! Looking back, the building was first occupied by weary sailors as their reading room. Eventually, it became a public library years after. Distinctively designed by the renowned architect, Lovell Pemberton, the library’s architecture revolved around Spanish and Dutch colonial styles. As it also features distinct Art Deco moldings and arched top windows that’s definitely a feast to the eyes.

After which, its interior undergone remolding in 1996 and the library has opened as an event venue. The space is situated on the ten acres of Veteran’s Park, with the spectacular view of the ocean. In the present time, the library is yet another sublime wedding destination! Truly equipped to host various celebrations too, such as grand and intimate weddings as well.

Moreover, you’ll find areas like the grand ballroom, bridal room and banquet room inside this historical place. All of the spaces are can easily be set-up in the theme or style that you want. While for the outdoor gatherings, they maximize the amazing view of the waterfront and manicured lawn. Further, you can never go wrong with this venue’s superb on-site catering. Also, their special feature includes a policy that they only allow one event at a time. Definitely privacy at its finest!

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