Redwood National Forest

Redwood National Forest not only contains some of the tallest trees in existence, but likewise has vast prairies and oak woodlands. Also, the wild rivers that run through this area combined with 40 miles along rugged coastline. This truly make up for a scenic landscape all visitors will enjoy! It was believed that the ancient people who roamed this land were well-versed in its many natural resources.

Moreover, there are many ways to experience the parks! You can go on hikes, attend festivals and events or just spend time in nature. Take your pick of what best suits you at any given moment! The Parks have four developed campgrounds for your convenience, but if you’re looking to get away from it all then there are seven backcountry campsites that will provide a rustic experience. To make it even better, you can opt for an outdoor elopement among the vast beauty of this forest!

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