Rios-Lovell Winery

Rios-Lovell is an award winning Estate Winery in Livermore Valley. They solely produce their wines on site. As they also offer a beautiful view of mountains, vineyards, and other wineries from their hilltop location. Additionally, their grounds feature an event center, concert hall, tasting room and garden area. There is also a village style outdoor space. Surrounded by fascinating landscaped spaces for you to enjoy!

Notably, Rios-Lovell Winery is a wine destination that you won’t soon forget. Whether it’s for your palate or wedding parties and special events, the charming nature of Rios-Lovell makes this an ideal location to visit. Consequently, this venue can also accommodate more than hundreds of guests for any special occasion. Especially, if you seek to have your grandiose dream wedding here! You can simply choose between the Wedding Gazebo, Garden with Fountains, and the Gala Event Center.

Made even more amazing is the fact that Rios-Lovell offers only one wedding per day. Making your whole experience super exclusive between you and your loved ones. Definitely, this winery showcases an out of the ordinary wedding destination in the Bay Area. And of course, don’t forget to visit their gorgeous Tasting Room too. They have dainty hand-crafted murals adorn on the walls, while white oak and stone invite you to linger in the tasting room. You can bring lunch or even some snacks, and set it up in their outdoor seating areas for your friends and family who would love having such an experience with wine!

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