Roxborough State Park

What’s more Colorado than a beautiful landscape to explore? Roxborough State Park is the perfect place for that. With amazing red rocks and plenty of space, this state park offers endless opportunities! Most especially when it comes to engagement shoots! The area is home to a unique community of plant and animal life that exists in the middle between plains grassland, as well as forests on either side.

The Fountain Formation is one of the most exciting features in this park. The tilted red sandstones of this landscape are a sign that the ground has been altered by erosion and uplift for millions of years. The elevation ranges from 5,900 to 7 280 ft in an area of 3329 acres. The area is a Colorado Natural Area and it has been designated as a national landmark by the federal government. The park is a pristine natural wonder, so visitors are asked not to camp or bring their mountain bikes. Pets aren’t allowed either!

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