Saddlerock Ranch

Picture your wedding ceremony and reception encircled by the spectacular natural beauty of the Santa Monica mountains! This venue has a magnificent 1,000 acres of rolling hills. As well as lined with vineyards, manicured lawns, and ancient oak trees. Also, there are ribbons of white fences and horses grazing in the background. Truly, with its natural beauty and secluded rustic charm, it’s no wonder Saddlerock Ranch has become a popular weekend setting for special occasions. Clearly, it’s a picture perfect environment where you can exchange vows and host an unforgettable event!

Moreover, the Chateau le Dome is a beautiful location for your special day. Showcasing vineyards and an octagonal stone house. It’s the perfect spot to host a ceremony or reception too! This hilltop property with a manicured lawn is large enough to fit everything you need. You can see for miles in every direction when you’re atop Saddlerock. From this elevated vantage, the vineyards and pastures below seem like a tiny toy town at your feet. While in the overhead is an endless panorama of mountains on all sides that seemed more than just majestic, but inspiring as well.

The natural beauty and charm that can be found in this setting will encourage you to exchange vows beneath an arch made from grape vines entwined with fallen oak trees on either side! It’s a magical moment when all of your loved ones finally sit down together to enjoy the view. The deep sounds of nature and serenity will surround them as they dine during this special occasion.

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