St Bartholomew the Great

St Bartholomew’s was established by Rahere. He was a renowned courtier and favourite of King Henry I. With that, he was true to his words as he established a church and a hospital during the ancient era. Now, St Bartholomew the Great is a living church that has attracted people of all backgrounds, religions and beliefs. In addition, the building itself with its architecture captures your imagination through history. As it brings you back in time to an eventful era when religion was still quite relevant to everyday life!

Moreover, the Priory Church contains a number of artworks by notable artists. Also, how monumental would it be to exchange your sacred vows here! The church has played an important role in many weddings and blessings over the years, with its grandeur. Its beauty strikes people who visit to this day as well! Whether you want an intimate service in the Lady Chapel for your big day; or a grand event with professional choir and bells ringing out over the city. They take pride at making sure that every requirement is met and exceeded.

Not only is the church full of rich history, but also the area that surrounds it. There are many historical and interesting places to explore in the area as well. Also, there’s a very helpful audio tour by Geo Tourist called “Epic England” that has been created for tourists. Whether you are interested in architecture, history or faith – the Historic Farringdon tour is for everyone! The Charterhouse Museum will take your breath away with its incredible design. From there, it’s off to see what treasures lie at Barts Hospital before ending up back again to where St Bartholomew the Great Church awaits.

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