St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orange

It’s not unusual for a wedding to be somewhere on your list of priorities, and when it is, you’ll need the perfect location. However, if it means finding an iconic church sanctuary, then St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orange may just be on the top of that list! With uniquely beautiful stained-glass windows that were handmade in Germany, it has become a popular location for weddings!

In detail, St. John’s is committed to the Bible-based teachings of Martin Luther that inspired his time for reformulating Christian Church centuries ago. St. John’s Lutheran Church is focused first and foremost on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Which proclaims that God isn’t angry or wrathful. But rather, He has been proved merciful through his Son. Who saved humanity from their sins by dying for them on Calvary.

A sacred historical place, St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orange has been operating for more than 120 years! Known for its renowned architecture, it has a seating capacity reduced from a thousand down to a hundred after some reclamations. Now, making each seat important for everyone seeking a spiritual experience.

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