Stillwater Meadow

Introducing the Goldbergs! In the beautiful spring of 2016, our family joined forces to create a venue that would serve as a serene haven for the most joyous celebrations.

Every member played a part in bringing this vision to life: the brothers crafted the buildings, the grandparents crafted the stained glass, and the rest of the family, including siblings, cousins, uncles, significant others, and friends, contributed to the intricate interior details. Our belief is that the true essence of any celebration lies in the joy shared with loved ones, so we’re here to take care of some of the finer details.

Welcome to Stillwater Meadow, a charming event venue nestled in Aledo, TX, named after the serene pond and beautiful field that grace our property. Our expansive grounds offer a picturesque wedding chapel, a spacious reception hall, and separate get-ready spaces for your entire wedding party to enjoy. With every rental package, you’ll have full access to a storage room filled with decor options to enhance your special day. The Cottage features a fully equipped kitchen, a mirrored salon, and large porches on both the front and back of the house, providing a cozy retreat. The 1905, a remodeled ranger station dating back to, you guessed it, 1905, offers a tranquil atmosphere and a delightful patio area for relaxation. Our Chapel showcases exquisite stained-glass windows and antique pews. For those seeking an outdoor ceremony, the chapel’s sides can open up, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature while still being sheltered. The two-story Reception Hall can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests. The juxtaposition of exposed wooden beams and grand chandeliers creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, while string lights adorning the mezzanine level add a touch of magic to your reception. All four buildings are climate-controlled, ensuring comfort throughout the year. We also have a close relationship with an Airbnb on the property, which can accommodate up to 16 guests and serves as a perfect lodging option for wedding parties and families. While our venue is conveniently located near modern amenities, we guarantee a tranquil setting that will inspire unforgettable celebrations.

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