Stow Lake

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park is a manmade lake that’s been providing San Franciscans with an outdoor escape for more than 100 years. People come here to enjoy the scenery and lure of their city. Which dates back as far as 1893 when it was first constructed! The picturesque scenery and serene environment make it an ideal destination for active pursuits. Users can enjoy everything from lazy Sunday afternoons and wildlife viewing. Uniquely enough, you can also do ghost hunting, if you are interested about the haunting history of the lake. Better yet, even just sit by the water with fishing poles in hand.

Every San Francisco local should experience the magic of Stow Lake at least once in their life. Floating or paddling around this body of water, you may steal a kiss from your loved one as to create endless memories for both parties involved. Also, the winding waterways are lined with ducks and turtles. While nearby bridges offer stunning views of the flowing water below them! Bring your camera to capture this scene for posterity – it will be hard not having any photos that commemorate such an important stop in your journey together.

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