Sutter Buttes State Park

Sutter Buttes State Park contains the former violent remains of an active volcanic eruption. Which took place between 1.35 and 1.6 million years ago. Due to that, it has left behind a legacy for visitors to explore today! Also, the origin of the Sutter Buttes has been hotly debated. Some people believe that they were formed by volcanic activity. While others think it was created due to plate tectonic interactions, even deep below the terrestrial crust. Or as part of a larger range with Sonoma volcanic to the south and west. Either way, its scenic beauty today is breathtaking!

Although these volcanic mountains are not considered a “mountain range,” they have been called that due to the whimsical nature of their peaks. They rest in an area that is about 75 square miles. Also, they form a circular configuration with a 10 mile diameter. Looking back, before modern dams were made, Sacramento Valley would be filled with water due to winter storms. With that reason, the Buttes became a refuge for all. After death, the Maidu people believe their spirits rest in the Buttes before beginning a journey to an afterlife. Well, perhaps making your own history here will make this place extra unforgettable for you and your fiancé!

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