The Ashford Estate

The Ashford Estate is an elaborately designed and expertly crafted country estate that reflects elegance. It is surrounded by acres of preserved farmland in a secluded region near the Jersey Shore. With that, your photographers will fall head-over heels for this sparkling gem. Also, your guests are whisked back to simpler times with a ceremony at their pristine barn wedding chapel. Uniquely, it is adorned with handcrafted details on every corner: from floor-to ceiling stone fireplace bookended by two large windows framing vows shared over bursting roses. Not to mention, this estate is a hidden gem for those seeking country-chic sophistication.

For an intimate gathering, the Library is a perfect place to host your guests. With dark oak dominating this space and providing warmth for you and your friends, it’s easy to relax in one of the plush leather chairs or enjoy some drinks while conversing. For larger events, there are two ideal locations: The Conservatory, its open ceilings and chandeliers illuminate every corner amidst large glass window panes that offer refreshing views outdoors. Also, the Grand Ballroom offers its grandeur architecture that creates an event worthy setting for any occasion. On the contrary, the stunning countryside is brought inside through a back wall made entirely of glass. While, after dinner, guests can dance on a circular marble dance floor, and enjoy breathtaking views from the soaring windows.

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