The Condor’s Nest Ranch

For an event that oozes love, the rustic-charm of the Condor’s Nest Ranch is for you! This beautiful 20 acre ranch is located in North San Diego County. To illustrate, enter through a palm lined driveway flanked by horses, with variety of animals around it. After, you can find stoic iron gates, which surrounds this private estate. Additionally, vintage furniture arrangements and dark wood floors completes its unique aesthetic!

Exchange vows in one of California’s most scenic locations at dusk. Watch the sun set over, or cozy up with your family on an outdoor patio to celebrate love and life, as you embark into new beginnings together. The Condor’s Nest Ranch offers all-inclusive packages that allow for customization, so whether its boho chic or modern sophistication that speaks to you – they have it covered! On one hand, weddings are all about celebrating love and the commitment that lasts forever. This is why couples will often reserve time before their big event to spend with each other, just for them.

Weddings at the family estate are some of the most beautiful and memorable events in life. The bride, groom and their guests step out onto a lawn surrounded by mountains before them as the ceremony takes place under an ash tree that may be 200 years old! Also, the reception at the pool or over by the second rustic house is always a great time. The property has an authentic charm to it with old business signs, license plates and western paraphernalia scattered throughout!

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