The Drifter Hotel

Whether you’re looking for a destination wedding, the Drifter Hotel has everything. A true one-of-a kind location means that this venue offers an unparalleled experience! Also, this hotel is more than it seems on the outside. Its retro “motel” sign out front hints at an old school vibe, but once you look past this façade and into what lies inside of these doors, you’ll find something truly unique characterized both by modernized nostalgia as well as authentic vintage charm!

Further, imagine gathering by a central pool to celebrate your union. In here, you’ll be surrounded by lounge chairs too. Creating an unforgettable backdrop as well! On one hand, what you eat on your wedding day should also be a priority. In addition, there’s a café serving up specialty coffee from La Colombe and baked goodies. The culinary program sees a rotation of chic food trucks that offer an ever changing taste for all your flavor needs too.

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