The Holman Ranch

The Holman Ranch is an extraordinary historic wedding venue. The estate’s slogan is “Where the past always present,” and it doesn’t miss a beat. This modern-day beauty still maintains its charm with restored amenities that will leave your mouth agape! Couples will experience 360-degree views of the Santa Lucia Mountains as they say their “I do” at this beautiful venue. This fun and spacious ranch offers not only an amazing Game Room but also a Conference Room for you to get ready in with your spouse or friends!

The perfect place for your loved ones to spend the night! Setup and cleanup are included with their rental fee, along with tables & chairs. They offer 10 comfortable guest rooms that soon will be 13. They offer free of charge complimentary parking on site too! This former gentleman’s retreat became a popular social scene for celebrities in the Central Valley. In 1943, when Mr. and Mrs. Holman took ownership of this ranch, they turned what was once just an empty space into one filled with life and color!


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