The Smithville Inn

Located in the historic town of Smithville, New Jersey, The Smithville Inn has become a popular destination for couples hoping to tie the knot. From its breathtaking outdoor areas encompassed by grand trees and river views to its picturesque indoor spaces complete with classical music, The Smithville Inn is truly an idyllic destination for a wedding celebration. You’ll be able to even choose which room will be the best for hosting the ceremony and reception.

What’s more, the venue offers multiple catering packages with plentiful options from which to choose; their trained professionals can help select the perfect menu based on your individual needs or preferences. The staff is professional, attentive, and very helpful, guaranteeing an excellent wedding experience that you’ll never forget! With all this in mind, it’s no wonder why so many couples are choosing The Smithville Inn for their special day – it’s the ideal setting for a perfect wedding!

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