Tower Ridge Disc Golf

Tower Ridge Disc Golf in Connecticut is the perfect wedding reception venue for couples who want an after-ceremony celebration that’s out of the ordinary. Set on 25 acres of gorgeous parkland, this unique outdoor venue has something for everyone: from newlyweds and their wedding parties to family members, friends, and guests. The trees provide a natural canopy for lawn game activities like lawn darts or cornhole, and the nine-hole disc golf course lets everyone compete in their own friendly tournament before experiencing a delicious catered meal overlooking pristine nature.

Tower Ridge Disc Golf also offers couples peace of mind too, with its certified wedding planner on hand to help plan every detail leading up to their special day. With no reception hall walls constraining the lasting memories they’ll share, couples can create an unforgettable occasion in one of Connecticut’s most exclusive outdoor spaces. It’s no surprise that Tower Ridge Disc Golf is the premier destination for your wedding reception needs!

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