TT Liquor

TT Liquor is a unique and stunning place to enjoy some drinks. The first floor lounge has its own bar where you can sit back with your loved ones. You can simply relax from your day-to-day life for just one night here. This building is also home to three spacious studio spaces. They’re used for cocktail making workshops most often because it’s such a large space that can hold many people at once. In fact, TT Liquor is an industrialization of four event spaces in a modern setting!

This is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun-filled yet intimate celebration. They have hosted music video premieres, talks with motivational speakers, and various events, all while maintaining their 52 seat Cinema. From the Lounge, you can descend into a subterranean Cellar Bar with a maximum capacity of hundreds of people. This classy establishment has all you need to make an event out of it: bespoke bar menu and banquette seats for those who want some really nice dining experience as well!

A multi-faceted establishment for all things related to cocktails and spirits. TT Liquor offers an extensive range of experiences – from cocktail making classes, tasting sessions or supper clubs with your favorite drinks in tow! They also host classic film nights where you can enjoy some delicious beverages while watching old Hollywood favorites. Also, the picturesque rooftop of this modern building offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

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