Tulemar Resort

At Tulemar, our guests are enchanted by the extraordinary experience they encounter when they choose our venue for their wedding. Far from conventional, we offer a close connection to nature that leaves a lasting impression. Imagine the sheer wonder of exchanging vows on the pristine shores of Tulemar Beach, while an evening reception unfolds under the gentle sway of palm trees and the celestial canopy adorned with billions of twinkling stars.

Indulge in a honeymoon of pure romance in one of our intimate private villas. As Tulemar is a residential resort, we can provide accommodations for your guests, ranging from charming rustic bungalows to luxurious four-bedroom villas, each boasting their own private pools.

Whether your wedding is an intimate affair for just the two of you or a celebration with up to 40 guests, Tulemar offers the perfect backdrop. As a private residential resort with unique and distinctive venues, Tulemar may not be suitable for all wedding groups. However, our dedicated wedding planners from Tropical Occasions are here to address any queries you may have and guide you every step of the way. From transportation logistics to exquisite floral arrangements and professional photography, we handle all the intricate details, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience.

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