Uptown Charlotte

You’ve seen the pictures. You know what Uptown is like, and why it’s such a striking symbol of progress in Charlotte. Not just for its architectural beauty. But also because this area blends traditional industry with innovation and creativity. Packed into this bustling metropolis are historic landmarks too. Indeed, it can also be nostalgic at times for its Southern roots!

Further, as you look deep on the iconic Charlotte skyline to its center at an intersection of Trade and Tryon streets, it’s easy to see why this bustling metropolis has been divided into four wards. Some might say that the morning commute in Uptown is a reflection of what it means to live here. Working alongside artists, coders and more – bankers and businessmen make their way into work every day! Cafes, bars and rooftop patios are some of the most popular places for locals to enjoy a drink. They’re also great spots to meet up with friends or just take it easy on your day-to-day life. Perhaps, a candid photo session would fit into your schedule too.

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