Valley Presbyterian Church

Valley Presbyterian Church offers a breathtaking sanctuary and serene grounds for your special day! Also, the sanctuary is the heart of the Valley Presbyterian Church. In here, guests walk through four heavy wooden doors into a church that is full of life and color. The sanctuary’s walls are lined with images from the New testament, which give it an extra touch that they look like something out of a movie.

On one hand, the sanctuary is beautiful and inspiring, with its tall windows that offer breathtaking views of nature. The pews are lined in rich green fabric; dark beams accent an A-frame pine ceiling while lofty seating allows for plenty of room. Definitely a perfect location to exchange your sacred vows here.

In addition, they frame a youthful grove of majestic redwood trees reaching heavenward. Along with their branches intertwined to form and signify an unbreakable bond! The breathtaking view of the redwoods backdrop will make your heart skip a beat. The peacefulness and serenity that you feel in this setting is unforgettable!

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